Places to see in Heidelberg


There are so many visiting places are available in the Heidelberg for the people who are all come as visitors. In the romantic place of Heidelberg, the old place of the town is one of the visiting places. Heidelberg castle will take nearly 15 minutes walking time from the old town and the people can have a sightseeing of hills. The festival is happening here from the month of June to August and it will be quite interesting. After that, the University of the Heidelberg is having an admirable infrastructure and it is available from the 14th century.

Enlarge shaped bridge, which is named as Karl Theodor is immortalized with the number of poems and the paintings. The place of philosopher’s walk is located in the neck part of the southeast area of the Heidelberg. The king’s seat is available on the Heidelberg mountain railway, which is in the length of 567 meters. Heidelberg zoo and the Germany’s oldest botanic garden are the tourist places, which have nearly 250 species. The pharmacy museum in German is displaying the history of 18th and 19th-century medicines. If the person is visiting these places, there are some limited restrictions are delivered from the city.